DoZ: Survival
DOZ: Survival
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D.O.Z. Dawn of Zombies: Survival

D.O.Z. Survival is a free-to-play mobile survival game with RPG elements. You are tasked with surviving in harsh conditions and defending your Shelter as you work with your allies against bandits, mutants, and zombies in the Last Territories, the only place remaining in this post-nuclear-war world.


Choose your character's gender and appearance, keep an eye on their health, level their skills to suit your play style, and arm them so they can defend your Shelter from zombies and uncover the secrets of the Last Territories.

There are a lot of secrets for you to uncover. Why did the Charred and the Shining appear? What's happening at the Plant ruins? Where are the gangs getting their weapons? What's the Institute hiding at its Facilities? Where did the owner of the Shelter you call home go? But the most important mystery of all is that of your past.

Travel across lands that have survived a nuclear apocalypse. Watch out for radioactive Wastelands and Forests teeming with zombies. Retrieve artifacts from aberrated areas, where mutants will try to kill you and time is cyclical. Survive the Institute Facilities and liberate areas occupied by fanatics.

Get weapons, gear, and artifacts by completing quests and eliminating enemies, including fighters from hostile gangs, zombies, mutants, and radioactive aberrations. Face off against the strongest bosses and elite enemies. You will need tactics, skills, equipment, and help from your allies to defeat them.

Build a collection of over 300 types of weapons and armor. Use the weapons that suit your taste, from knives to plasma weapons and artifact-modified grenade launchers. Boost your equipment with skills, items, Shelter decorations, and ally skills to defeat your enemies more efficiently.

Build your own vehicle to travel quickly around the Territories and access remote locations. Pick up a set of modifications, customize your vehicle's appearance, and set off across the radioactive Wastelands.

Expand and develop your base, both on the surface and below it, to fend off zombie hordes and bandits and survive the radioactive Shining. Build and upgrade your workbenches, surround the Shelter with impenetrable walls and automatic turrets, and deck it with character-boosting decorations.

Summon your allies, characters willing to fight by your side, to help in every corner of the Territories. Grow your Ally Collection: from a bloodhound and a sniper to a pet aberration and a giant mutant ghoul.

Картинка сюжета
Картинка сюжета
The Shelter


Royal Ark is an indie company that was born by chance. The developers met each other around the campfire during an LRPG. An argument about the Strugatsky brothers turned into a discussion about what to ask from the Golden Sphere. Their love for the post-apocalypse was so strong that it resulted in the creation of their very own project, D.O.Z. Survival.


Work on the project began in 2016 with the storyline and visual style. We took inspiration from our favorite works of the Strugatsky brothers as well as the popular game series—S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro, and Fallout. By reimagining our sources and bringing in lots of new stuff, we created a unique world. Then we moved on to making the first prototypes.


In May 2018, we started a closed beta test in Russian for players from Russia and CIS countries. A year later, we translated the game into English and made it available worldwide. Through the whole process, we kept an open line with the players through reviews and social media. We paid careful attention to the feedback so we could improve the game's balance and mechanics and regularly fill it with new content.


On July 19, 2019, the game launched internationally in four languages. It passed one million downloads on October 2 of the same year. Now, our game has been translated into 14 languages and is played by users in more than 200 countries. And we aren't stopping there. We plan to keep improving and developing our beloved brainchild, D.O.Z. Survival.

Update 01.04.24

— The Spring Festival in the Territories! Complete quests, find and identify eggs, and kill Hareheads.
— A new unique ally available during the event: Strider Shocker.
— New Specialist's weapon: Tandem-S Device.
— Chance to collect Bunny CHAP-M decorations, a Fountain-E Module and Fabergé Module, festive masks, a backpack appearance, plus high-volume containers for storing wood and metal.
— Season 14 of the Strider's Pass has started! Earn points for obtaining resources and killing enemies, level up the Pass, and claim rewards.
— Unique season ally: Staff Sergeant Gromov.
— New season rewards: Specialist's assault rifle Thunderstorm-S Triumph, perfect Citadel Flamethrower, and new appearance.
— A disassembly workbench: ability to disassemble common and rare equipment of allies has been added.